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Update by user Feb 20, 2020

My credit card company contacted the TotalAV rep and got a commitment to credit my credit card.

Original review posted by user Feb 20, 2020

I saw the ads for TotalAV on AOL and decided to try this product for a free trial. To begin, the download and install process is a nightmare, and when I tried to open and utilize the product, I kept getting the message that I did not have permission to use the product.

I decided to cancel, but ran into an infuriating process with the customer service rep. To begin, the guy was definitely not an accomplished English speaking person and I had great difficulty understanding him. Then after several minutes of giving him all kinds of information, he wanted me to listen to a recorded message that was promoting another product, which I had no interest in, but he wanted me to say "OK" , which seemed to me to be an acceptance of that product. I refused to say OK, but he kept insisting.

I finally just had to hang up and contact my credit card company. They were finally successful in getting a refund of my purchase.

Hopefully no one else will have to got thru this. Although I imagine the product itself is probably OK, it is a real hassle to deal with their customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Total Av Subscription.

Total Av Cons: Various.

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I too had billing issues with them! They charged my CC without my permission, then we’re pissy about refunding my $$$! Then, they told me it was only a PARTIAL refund; then when they sent me the refund email, it said “click to confirm,” but when you click on it , it says “that for resubscribing!” TERRIBLE company!!!


Wish I saw this before I purchased Total AV. At first it seemed like a decent product but then it took hold of my computer and caused interruptions to all my programs/processes.

It slowed my computer down to a point where I had to disable it in order to get any work done. I finally called customer service to cancel the product. I already paid for a year of service but had no desire to use it ever again. The CS rep was a nightmare to deal with.

His English was marginal at best and after about 30 minutes of telling him NO to other products, etc. He kept trying to bully me into keeping the service. I finally told him absolutely not, cancel my account now. He assured me he would turn off the auto-renewal (as it states on their website) and send me a confirmation.

I never received a confirmation from them. Here we are about 6 months later, I check the account and sure enough, it is set up for another auto-renewal. I went through the process of cancellation again, this time through email so I had a record of everything to show to my credit card company. This time I did get a cancellation confirmation after being forced to go through numerous pages of ads and pleas to keep the account.

TERRIBLE company. Don't get yourself roped in.


This company is terrible. I cancelled 3 years ago and they still bill me every year even though they say I am now unprotected.

If I will come back I can have a 70% discount. Every year my cc is stopped because of a fraudulent charge and I have to get a new card, call all my utility companies that do automatic billing with a new number and repeat the process next year.

They find my new cc number but they can not find the cancellation. I hate these people!!!


Gave a review minutes ago on here about not getting a refund of £118.81 taken out frudulently from my bank after battling it out for 3/4 weeks, with emails, calls, there English is hard to understand, even threatening to go to tabloids. Went into my email this morning and hey presto, refund gone in my paypay as I write.

Moral of this... do not sign up with TOTALAV...if you do you'll regret it.


Do not download total Av they won't take NO for an answer and a nightmare to try and get money back or refund.


Total Av customer service is a nightmare to deal with. They will not accept NO when it comes to you NOT wanting their product or to continue with their product.


I find being able to obtain reviews like these BEFORE I make a purchase is so helpful. This is a product that I will not purchase.


I appreciate the time put into reviews. Because I saw it highly recommended I was curious.

Now a days I always try and look a lot for reviews that are current. Thank you!


I am glad I have not downloaded this TotalAV.


When they keep saying free, free, and the a trial basis is free, don't touch it. Don't fall for it. NOTHING IS FREE.

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